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**SPECIAL ORDER, could take a month or so to receive clarinet, just fyi. :) **

The Q Series Bb Clarinet offers those who prefer a more traditional French-style instrument the chance to experience the world of Backun. We combine modern manufacturing techniques and treatments, including a carbon fibre middle joint ring, with classic grenadilla wood and silver-plated key work to produce an instrument with truly familiar feel and playability.

Inline trill keys help reduce condensation accumulation, and precision under- and over-cut tone holes ensure impeccable intonation and response. An affordable masterpiece, the Q Series is the classic choice.


**Image may not be the same product**


**Fully set up with the "better than new" treatment. Keys regulated, leaking pads from factory have been leveled, etc. Each horn is meticulously gone through to ensure your new instrument is truly better than new when it arrives to you!**

NEW (special order)Backun Q Series Cocobolo Bb Clarinet, GOLD Keys, w/alt. Eb