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Royal Global Introduces the Genesis Bb Clarinet .

This intermediate wooden instrument combines the look and feel of the Royal Global professional clarinet line with a price that fits any step-up program or advancing clarinetist. Based on the Classical Limited bore, the Genesis is designed to give the advancing player a warm, rich, round sound with exceptional tuning and the most durable mechanism available.

Perfect for your school band program or advancing private student, the Genesis will outplay everything in its price point.

**Fully set up with the "better than new" treatment. Keys regulated, leaking pads from factory have been leveled, etc. Each horn is meticulously gone through to ensure your new instrument is truly better than new when it arrives to you!**


Key : Bb

Body : HighQuality Aged Grenadilla

Bore : Poly-Cylindrical

Keywork finish : Silver Plated 17 Keys Springs : Blue steel Pads : Valentino ​


Professional key-work and design at a semi-professional price!


3 Year Royal Global Warranty

NEW Royal Genesis Bb Clarinet

  • Clarinets purchased via credit card and/or debit card have a trial period of 7 days. During the trial period, you can get a refund minus shipping expenses and credit card processing fees. 


    Any barrels or bells purchased with a credit card and/or debit card can be refunded  minus shipping and credit card processing fees within 7 days of receiving products. 


    Any clarinets purchased through AFFIRM (financing option) are NOT refundable. 


    Any clarinet barrels or bells purchased through AFFIRM (financing option) are NOT refundable. 

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