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Referral Program


At Clarinets by Copeland, I believe in gratitude and humility. I also believe in giving back! 

This is why if you refer a client who purchases a Buffet R13 clarinet then you get a 1% commission on the sale! All you need to do is email me that you are sending the client my way, or have the client mention that you referred them to me. 


**Please email me so that I can get your contact information to send you your referral commission! Client MUST mention your name before the sale is complete, or I must have been contacted by you before the purchase is complete. From time to time, I will offer Starbucks gift cards for referrals. You can not receive both for the same purchase, it must be one or the other. There is currently no limit on this reward program. For example, a $2000 clarinet would receive a $20 commission reward. 10 clarinets at $2000…. you do the math! Once again, your name must be mentioned or given to me BEFORE the sale. No commission will be rewarded for names given after the sale. 

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