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Shipping Instructions

1. Insurance is not needed if you have an appraisal or receipt from purchase. For your convenience, my business insurance covers your instrument while in transit to me.

2. Start by packing the clarinet inside the case well with paper towels. Check case when it is closed that clarinet is not shifting around.

3. Wrap bubble wrap or Kraft paper around clarinet case with tape to keep case from opening while in transit.

4. Find a box that is only slightly bigger than the case. Use fill (bubble wrap or packing peanuts or paper) to take up any space around the case.

5. Slightly close the flaps on the case and shake the box to see if you need to add more fill. You want the case to be snug inside the box, so it doesn’t shift around.

6. Ship and attach address to box with the customer form inside the box.

7. Request a signature if you are not comfortable with it being left on a porch.

8. Relax and wait patiently for your better than new clarinet to arrive back


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